Buchi Emecheta celebrated with Google Doodle on birthday

Buchi Emecheta Google Doodle

Buchi Emecheta is the latest author to be celebrated as part of a Google Doodle. She is a celebrated writer in both the UK and Nigeria after writing several books about her life as an immigrant single mother living in London. Buchi faced several struggles while trying to raise her five children, while working, getting an education and writing novels based around her life in Britain.

Over time she became a well-respected writer and an influential figure, and she was recognised as being among the top 100 women who changed the world by BBC History Magazine in 2018.

Who is Buchi Emecheta? Buchi was a writer who was born in Nigeria in 1944, and after originally being prevented from attending school, she persuaded her parents to let her attend an all-girl’s missionary school. She was able to earn a full scholarship before marrying Sylverster Onwordi, who she had been engaged to since she was 11. After giving birth to two children her husband and the family moved to the UK so that he could attend university in London, and Buchi ended up having five children across six years.

Buchi has been celebrated in yesterday’s Google Doodle. She left her husband after while she was pregnant with her fifth child and studied at the University of London to earn a degree in Sociology. She had started to gain attention when she wrote about life as a black woman living in Britain, including a regular column in the New Statement. She later released a collection of the articles in 1972 as In The Ditch, which was her first published book. Her second book was called Second-Class Citizen and it was published just two years later.



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