I’ll attract major projects to AMAC/Bwari Constituency-Urrah

Mr. Olufemi Urrah a Chemical Engineer is one of the leading contenders for the All Progressives Congress (APC) ticket for the AMAC/Bwari Federal Constituency.
In this interview, he speaks on the philosophy behind his aspiration.

At what point did you decide to venture into politics?

I have always been politically inclined especially after the advent of June 12 1993 when my step father MKO Abiola was denied his mandate that was given to him by the people of Nigeria. After this I contested elections in the UK under the Labour party in 2015 for Councillorship with the intention of becoming the Mayor of Boutnemouth in Dorset UK. Labour approached me due to my love for humanitarian duties to the community and my voluntary contributions to the British society.
I feel it is the right entry into the Nigerian politics based on qualification, work experience for the past 20 years and more so being a qualified chemical engineer who manages processes to achieve desired result in record time. I decided to be involved in actively reviewing existing laws for the betterment of the people of my federal constituency of AMAC BWARI where I have been resident since 1994. I want to improve upon the livelihood of the AMAC /BWARI community by capacity building, creating through various meaningful projects such as farming, tourism etc
Let’s know a little more about you?
I was born and bred in Lagos but lived in FCT since 1994. I graduated from Atlantic Hall Secondary school in Lagos, after which I had a short spell at UNILAG before heading to the UK for my university education. I worked in international companies like Lloyd Bank in the UK. I am on the board of TNK Oil and Gas Russia and several other multinational companies. I have been an executive director of HTM International Nigeria Ltd, specialists in Fire Engineering for the past 20 years and currently the Managing Director of JN2T ENERGY LIMITED. I am also a stepson to the Late MKO Abiola.

Why are you contesting in the FCT?

Having lived in the FCT for 20 years and understanding the needs of the fastest city in west Africa, there is a need for me to make an impact to the continued development of our beloved Country Nigeria and FCT most especially the capital city.

Why truly are you politics?

To give voice to the voiceless and to protect the rights all residents in FCT
To protect the rights of the widows and their children, the less privilege and the physically challenged person’s in the FCT.
To ensure prudent and judicious use of constituency allowances for constituency development projects in AMAC BWARI
To respect and preserve the rights and previledges of the traditional institute of the original inhabitants
To empower the people of AMAC BWARI through farming, industrialisation, creating jobs etc.

There are money bags, there are people who depend on godfathers in politics or others who are also godfathers themselves while there are grassroots politicians who are close to the people, which category do you fall into?

Grassroot politician per excellence. Permit me to use the slogan by PMB, “I belong to everybody and I belong to nobody”, My Godfather and mentor (MKO) died for democracy through June 12, 1993. I wish to emulate his efforts and his love for humanity, which was recently recognised by the good works of President Muhammadu Buhari.

What makes you different from the other contestants?

Simplicity, integrity and accountability.


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