Nigerians sharply divided over Chimamanda Ngozi-Adichie asking Hillary Clinton why her twitter bio starts with ‘wife’

Clinton and Adichie

By Kemi Yesufu



Famous writer, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie trended on twitter for better part of  Monday.


Twitter users, especially those from Nigeria shared varying opinions on the question the writer and well known feminist, asked the former U.S presidential candidate. Adichie had asked Hillary Clinton why she started her Twitter bio by first introducing herself as a wife.


Those who don’t fancy the Half of  A Yellow Sun author’s feminist views accused her of taking the ideology to the extreme. A Twitter user, Mr. Jack Robinson‏ with the handle, @jackdre02 said:”If you don’t see anything wrong in Chimamanda saying she was “a little bit upset” because Hillary started her twitter bio with “Wife” when the basics of feminism is for women to be able to do whatever they want, then you have a problem”.


Also Kelvin Odanz‏  tweeting with @KelvinOdanz disagreed with the writer, saying “Chimamanda Adichie is UPSET because Hillary Clinton’s Twitter Bio starts with “Wife” among many other ‘qualifications. Beyonce just gave Adichie the platform to derail her career as a writer. She’s become the leader of a bickering, self righteous, shrilling mob. Shame”.


Others chose to be comical about the heated debate on the appropriateness of  Adichie’s question to Senator. Clinton, who said she would rewrite her bio in response to the writer’s query.


PRESIDENT OKONKWO‏ tweeting with @IkechuQwu said:  “President Buhari travelled to UK and disgraced us. Chimamanda Adichie travelled to New York and disgraced us too. And you people think it was not God’s plan for Police to arrest Dino Melaye at the airport, as he was about travelling out of Nigeria this morning”?



CNN anchor  Christiane Amanpour‏ on her Verified account,  @camanpour seemed neutral by tweeting a quote from a recent interview with the Nigerian author.

“I didn’t become a feminist because I read about second-wave feminism. I became a feminist because I grew up in Nigeria, and observed the world. And just saw what felt to me like an injustice that made no sense”.”



Adichie found support in many Twitter users including, St-Valentine Eleta‏, with the handle @Agribillionaire.

“Just when I was being thankful that #BBNaija 2018 is over, & expecting sanity to return to my timeline, you people have decided to pick on my darling #ChimamandaNgoziAdichie for daring to ask why Hillary Clinton has ‘Wife’ as the first ‘qualification’ on her twitter bio” he tweeted.


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