PornHub rates Nigerian women most frequent visitors in 2019

Popular adult website, PornHub in a well documented review of their online traffic reports, has revealed that Nigerian women as constituting their biggest market in 2019.

Newswatch gathered that the pornography site reported a significant increase in African traffic and a significant 32% increase in traffic from Nigeria with more women getting getting on the site especially through their mobile phones.

This suggests that more Africans are getting into adult sites in defiance to their cultural/ religious /moral biases which many have considered to have held them back for a long time with limited pleasure.

Meanwhile, the report shows a marked increase in online traffic from Africa and Nigeria specifically, reports shows the Nigerian market keeps on growing and it doesn’t show signs of letting up

In 2019 there were over 42 Billion visits to Pornhub, which means there was an average of 115 million visits per day. One-Hundred-Fifteen Million – that’s the equivalent of the populations of Canada, Australia, Poland and the Netherlands all visiting in one day!

This year must have been an adventurous one because there were over 39 billion searches performed, which is 8.7 billion more searches than last year. Celebrities, trending terms, and characters – if you can think it, it’s probably been searched for.

In 2019 there was a record amount of video uploads, over 6.83 million new videos were uploaded to Pornhub. To put this in perspective – if you strung all of 2019’s new video content together and started watching them way back in 1850, you’d still be watching them today!

Their findings also showed that holidays such as Christmas, Easter and especially New Year’s Eve was when they recorded their lowest turnouts as most clients were caught up in family engagements with mondays being the worst day for business because of …..yes you guessed right; work.

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