Pray for Nigeria this Ramadan Ekpere-Eta pleads with Muslim women

Muslim praying during Ramadan
Director-General of the National Centre for the National Centre for Women Development (NCWD), Mrs. Mary Ekpere-Eta ESQ, has described the holy month of Ramadan as a good opportunity for Nigerian Muslims to pray for the peace and progress of the nation.
She therefore called on Muslims across the country to prioritize supplications for the peace, stability and prosperity of Nigeria during the fasting period.
Ekpere-Eta in her Ramadan message urged that Muslim women to pray for strength, intelligence and courage for personnel of the police, the armed forces and other security agencies battling to stop criminals whose condemnable actions have made life difficult for many.
She also asked that Muslim women put the nation’s leaders in prayer, especially President Muhammadu Buhari, for Almighty Allah to further endow him with wisdom and courage to confront the challenges the country is facing.
The NCWD Director-General commended women for ensuring the comfort of their families and extending the same treatment to members of their communities during the holy month of Ramadan. She prayed that the strong sense of community and oneness that characterizes the holy months is upheld among Muslims and people of other faith, who join their Muslim friends in commemorating a critical aspect of their religion.
The statement read in part: “I would like to start by commending Nigerian women for remaining pillars of love and sacrifice during the month of Ramadan. In majority of homes, it is women who wake up early to prepare Suhur and they rush back from work to serve Iftar in the evening. Women are also involved in Zakat, making life easier for those making ends meet.
“Through their commitment, women have ensured that their families observe Ramadan with ease. More commendable is the fact that women make it easy to extend the warmth and generosity that makes Ramadan a season of hope and peace, to the less privileged by making provision for persons outside their families.
“I encourage persons of other faith, who have always joined their Muslim friends in making Ramadan a period of sharing to continue with this tradition that has helped in unifying Nigeria, even as I ask that women remember to pray for the peace and prosperity of the nation.
“It is my prayer that the Almighty Allah specially blesses Nigeria and that He grants the requests of the faithful during the holy month”.

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