Reps North-Central Caucus demands Speaker’s seat

National Assembly Complex

Kemi Yesufu

The North -Central Caucus in the House of Representatives has called on the leadership of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) to zone the position of the Speaker in the 9th Assembly to their geo-political zone.

 Rep John Dyegh (Benue), who spoke on behalf of the Caucus at a press conference yesterday argued that since the Northwest and Southwest zones have produced the President and the Vice President respectively, to strike a balance, other zones should be considered for the positions of principal officers of the House.

The caucus said: “We want to acknowledge the supremacy of our party, the APC in addressing the issue of zoning of positions in an equitable, just and fair manner that will foster unity and cordial relations among members of our party and our colleagues from the other political divides.

“We are confident of the ability and capacity of the national leadership of the APC to do right to all in order to advance national cohesion, balance of power and federal character.

“It is in this regard that we humbly wish to appeal to our great party, the APC, to strongly consider the North Central geo-political zone for the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives in the 9th assembly. Our position is based on the following reasons:

“Zoning the position of speaker to the North Central will satisfy and advance the cause of equity since the North-west and South-west already have the presidency and vice presidency respectively.

“We note that apart from the North West and North East, the North Central zone delivered handsomely for the party in the general elections and as such needs to be rewarded for the hard work and loyaity.

“The need to ensure balance and spread between and among the six geo-political zones has made it imperative to give prime consideration to the North Central zone to produce the position of speaker.

“Being the zone with delicate and peculiar location and challenges within the Federation, it is of utmost importance to carry us along in the hierarchy of power distribution in the country as this will in no small measure, help in stabilizing the polity.

“It is not by coincidence that the Nigerian constitution enshrines federal character in the distribution of offices and leadership positions in the country. Section 14(4) of the grundnum speaks eloquently to this fact.

“The North Central geopolitical zone would feel a sense of belonging if it is allowed to produce the speaker in the next assembly.

While we believe the reasons advanced above are very cogent and persuasive enough, we reiterate that our call for the North Central to produce the next speaker of the House is an appeal to the sense of justice, fairness and equity of our great party.

“We are mindful of the fact that events that surrounded the emergence of leaders of previous assemblies can provide amble guide for our great party to avoid past pitfalls and engender harmony, peace and stability in the House of Representatives as partners in progress with the executive”.


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