Use sports to move Almajaris off the streets-Abdullahi

Mr. Bolaji Abdullahi

Former Minister of Youth and Sports, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi, has identified sports as a means of getting Almajaris busy and off the streets.

Daily Sunsport quotes Abdullahi as saying sport is an immediate and long term solution to the street kids phenomenon as witnessed in northern states.

“I know some people may acuse me of being bias, but I strongly think that sports should be a major entry point towards dealing with the Almajiri problem.

“If we can engage these children in sporting activities, like isolating about 100 of them in sports academy, allowing them to learn Koran if they do desire to”, he was quoted as saying

“Once they are rattled by their inability to count game scores because they cannot read numbers, they will have reason to want to learn numbers and write things down thereby embarking on education.

“The governors should just set up sports centre across the Northern region where we have Almajiri problem. Engaging them in sporting activities can remove them from the streets and before long many of them will start winning laurels for the country,” he further said.


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