2023: Tinubu’s Pending Victory Not In Doubt-Ronke Bello

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu

…. Says Gov. Yahaya Bello Will Deliver Kogi State

  By Bukola Kayode

Leadership expert and member of the Public Affairs Directorate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential Campaign Council, Dr. Ronke Bello, has said the presidential candidate of the APC, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, will emerge victorious despite the recent problems Nigerians have faced under the ruling party.

Bello spoke to a select group of journalists in Abuja on Monday.

She opined that the masses can decipher that Tinubu is on their side and has always been pro-people, hence his stating clearly that the recent weeks of suffering of the citizens on queues for the resigned Naira notes, fuel and Permanent Voters Cards (PVCs) could have been prevented through better planning and policy implementation by the relevant government agencies.

The Harvard Leadership expert, aligned herself with Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State and his Kano State counterpart, Governor Abdullahi Ganduje, who accused top government officials of trying to sabotage Tinubu by creating crisis weeks to the presidential election.

Bello while leaning on her years of experience working with business and political leaders within Nigeria and Africa equally opined Tinubu is the most trusted among the leading presidential candidates among the nation’s elite and the masses.

On the scheduled Wednesday campaign stop in Kogi State, B

She said: “Many still remember and some need to be reminded that Tinubu fought for the return of democracy, this makes him a hero for our democracy. “Jagaban” spoke out on the suffering of the people in the past weeks, not for personal gain, though he is contesting to be the next President.

“If you look at what “Jagaban” has been saying at various campaign or you think back at his political philosophy over many years, he has been constant about the people being happy, safe and prosperous. A nation cannot be prosperous when its people are not prosperous.

“So when the issues of Naira redesign, fuel scarcity or complaints over the collection of PVCs came up, our candidate spoke up. This is what a leader should do, he didn’t play the Ostrich or react like some of his opponents who simply said the deadline for the currency swap should be shifted because people want to use money to rig the election or those who have remained quiet while the people suffer.

‘He spoke out despite being the candidate of the party in government, saying the people are going through a lot and this could have been prevented.  History will remember the man who stood by the masses, in fact, his speaking out was a turning point for even some neutrals, whom he has earned their respect by saying the welfare of the people must come first and the masses don’t have to suffer”.

 When asked specifically on the chances of the APC even after the recent problems and the arising complaints from the citizenry, Bello, reiterated that Tinubu will win comfortably.

“Our candidate is a household name across the country. We are running a vigorous campaign with house-to-house campaigns, youth speaking to youths and women speaking to women. The crowds you have seen across our campaigns come out by themselves. People have not forgotten what he did in Lagos state, what he has always stood for as a democrat, friend and associate who has shown love for the people, so these crowds that come out in love and confidence in this man and they will express this love and confidence through their votes”, she argued.

Bello commended Gov. Yahaya Bello of Kogi State for leading the campaigns as National Youth Coordinator for the APC.

“People come out for the love they have for “Jagaban”, they remember when this man who helped when there was flooding, they remember that this a man that reached out to people across the country in times of need when he wasn’t running for the presidency. There is nothing as good as a leader saying, yes, things are not perfect, but we are ready to work to make the situation better. The fact that he is running on ‘Renewed Hope” has endeared him to the people. The fact that he addresses the problems in the country during campaigns has made him loveable to the people, his status as a statesman has endeared him to people.

“Our campaigns have been going well, we have been across the country and in a matter of days, we will be in Kogi and Kebbi. I can assure you that the people will come out massively in  Kogi and same for the votes from thestate as we have Gov. Yahaha Bello leading the campaigns at state and national level as the National Youth Coordinator”.


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