Actress Caroline Danjuma, Stylist Toyin Lawani Fight Dirty On Twitter, Instagram

Caroline Danjuma

Nollywood actress, Carolyna Hutchings (formerly known as Carolyna Danjuma), and celebrity stylist, Toyin Lawani, have engaged in a messy Twitter ‘battle’ as the duo trolled each other over their past relationships.

The two women, who are co-stars in the reality TV show, Real Housewives of Lagos, brought their beef from the show to Twitter streets on Saturday.

It started when Carolyna accused Toyin of spreading rumours about her (Carolyna’s) marriage with billionaire, Musa Danjuma which ended in 2016.

Carolyna called out Toyin, saying, “Toyin, make it make sense to me. How do you know what ended my marriage when my marriage ended in 2016 and I stopped speaking with you in 2009?

“How can you be part of the break up when you never existed in it? Girl stop with the lies. You ain’t that relevant.”

The fashion stylist had also accused Carolyna of ruining one of her (Toyin’s) past relationships.

As a result, Carolyna noted that that was the reason Toyin tried to spoil her (Carolyna) name by accusing her of also sleeping with small boys.

“You carried my name around out of revenge that I was sleeping with small boys. Those who know the gist can verify. My ex never believed you,” Carolyna knocked Toyin.

In response, Toyin said, “God knows no such thing happened. I carried your name?

“My dear, I’m sure Musa won’t even back up these lies. They all know the truth about what you did and got caught, and I had nothing to do with it.

“Even if I was the one who introduced you to the guy. The fact is that you ruined my relationship.”

The duo further engaged in throwing allegations and accusations back and forth, concerning their estranged friendship.


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