Ajulo To President Tinubu: Sell Ikoyi Prison, Other Correctional Centers For Education Funding

Founder and Principal Partner of Castle of Law Chamber, Dr. Kayode Ajulo

A Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Dr. Kayode Ajulo has advised President Bola Tinubu to sell correctional centre located in prime locations in the country to fund education.

Ajulo gave the advice in an open letter to the President titled, ‘Urgent Appeal to President Tinubu To Sell Correctional Centers for Education Funding’.

He suggested that money raised from the sale of the correctional centres be used to fund education with the goal of solving the many challenges plaguing the sector.

The letter read partly: “Firstly, I emphasize the pressing need for additional funding to support the development of education in our nation. Nigeria’s education sector has been facing numerous challenges, including inadequate infrastructure, limited resources, and unequal access to quality education. These obstacles have hindered the growth and potential of our youth, preventing them from achieving their full capabilities.

“To address this funding gap, I propose considering the sale of underutilized assets, particularly the Correctional Centers located in prime areas like the Ikoyi Prison and others in high value locations in Nigeria”.

“The market value of the Ikoyi Prison alone is estimated to be around 50 billion Naira and about half a trillion Naira could be realised from the sale of such centers that dotted the high premium areas in Nigeria.

“By divesting such properties, we can generate a substantial influx of funds that can be allocated to improving educational infrastructure, enhancing the quality of teaching, and providing scholarships to deserving students across the country”, the letter further read.

While concurring that the idea of selling sell Correctional Centers requires careful consideration, taking into account legal implications, security concerns, and the need to maintain a balanced criminal justice system, Ajulo stressed that with proper evaluation and planning, “we can strike a balance between addressing the funding needs of education and ensuring a well-functioning correctional system”.

Ajulo also commend the Minister of Interior, Dr Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, for the pace of policy implementation by his ministry.

 “His dedication and commitment to improving the conditions and welfare of inmates in our correctional centers deserve recognition and celebration. His efforts have demonstrated a genuine concern for the well-being and rehabilitation of individuals within the correctional system, aligning with the principles of justice, fairness, and humanity”, the SAN noted.

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