Alex Ekubo’s Ex-fiancée Begs To Return To Actor

Alexx and Fancy during their engagement announcement

Nigerian US-based model, Fancy Acholonu, has tendered a public apology to Nollywood actor Alexx Ekubo again while publicly declaring her love for him.

The model revealed how losing him as felt like a grief and also admitted she overreacted and should have handled the situation better.

Sharing a picture of herself and the actor, Acholonu wrote, “Like our shirt says, Nothing makes sense when we’re apart @alexxekubo you still have my heart. I miss you, I love you, and I’m truly sorry for all the hurt & pain you and your family went through with our breakup.”

”My actions in how I handled things was out of my character. I should have controlled my emotions and not been so overreactive. I said too much, I did too much. Please forgive me. I’ve learned my lesson on how to handle situations better.

”I haven’t expressed myself properly. I’m not afraid to be vulnerable and say you, your family, & friends still mean the world to me. Losing you has felt like grief. Love heals ❤️ #FalexxForever ♾ ?

Acholonu called off her wedding plans to the actor in August 2021. The traditional wedding between the lovebirds had been scheduled to hold on November 20 in Imo state, while the church wedding was slated for November 27 in Lagos state.

Credit: Instagram | fancyacholonu

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