Alexx Ekubo Forced Me To Aplogise Publicly— Fancy Acholonu

Fancy Acholonu, ex-fiancée of Nollywood actor Alexx Ekubo, has revealed that she has not reconciled with the Nollywood star.

She further revealed that she would have left the actor again, if they had gotten back together.

She also disclosed that Alexx compelled her to issue a public apology to protect his image.

Fancy who was reacting a follower on her page who asked why she broke up with the actor in the first place.

She responded, saying, “For the same reason, I no longer want to be with him. All of you are right. People don’t change. I definitely would have left him again. So he deserves different and I deserve better.”

Another follower said, “You’re beautiful ❤️ What really happened between you too? Maybe you will feel better if you open up. Don’t take all the blames alone!”

Acholonu replied saying, “@(null) you are so right! I’ve literally said nothing about why I even ended it in the first place. People are attacking me, not even knowing the pain I went through and he’s busy asking me to apologize publicly all the time just for his image. What about my image? He’s now trying to damage? It’s beyond cruel. I’m now longer scared or under his control.”

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