APC Chieftain Rejects LG Congress In Akwa-Ibom

Chief Edet 'Windy' Isong

An APC chieftain from Akwa-Ibom State, Chief Edet Isong, better known as Windy Isong, has condemned in the manner in which local government congresses were conducted around the state.

He expressed disappointment that despite the All Progressives Congress being formed with the purpose of righting the wrongs of the PDP in the State, sensitive issues such as the ward and Local Government congresses were being handled shabbily.

Isong said in a statement sent to Frontline News Online, that the APC is gradually dying in the hands of greed individuals.

The statement read in part: Just like any individual who craves nothing but the progress of APC would see it, I believe the right way to have handled the congresses would have been  allowing stakeholders from each local government area to handle their congresses and present results to the state. Unfortunately, greed has caused parallel congresses to take place to the party’s detriment.

Isong who is the Publisher Newsday Newspaper stressed that, “it is very shameful and embarrassing that 62 “chapter chairmen” purportedly emerged in Akwa Ibom State that has only 31 Local Government Areas”.
“Power tussle of this magnitude is very unhealthy to a political party. We are killing the party. I wasn’t expecting it this way. I thought that we had learnt our lessons and also had improved. The focus would have been to build a strong and formidable party, capable of grabbing power in the State come 2023 before even thinking of individual interests.

“What is happening now did not even happen before the last general election, what was the outcome of our outing? Before 2019, Obong Nsima Ekere was there. He funded the party and ensured every interest was carried along. If such good gesture was not enough to give us victory, we must start now to imagine the disaster that awaits us with this our terrible way of handling our party business”, Chief Windy warned.
The former caretaker chairman of Urue Offong/Oruko reminded infighters that APC is an opposition party in the state and by implication, stands a little chance of making any impact, especially with the current wanton interests.

“We must understand our status in the state. We do not have the government, we must then conduct ourselves in a way that shows our readiness to take power. Truth be told, we will not be able to take the power with parallel party structure. As for the purported congresses of yesterday, please count me out! I am not ready to be associated with commotion as it has never been in my nature. There were those who pretended to be members of APC in 2019 but turned out to betray the party, they have started showing their faces again. It is high time they were fished and weeded out.”


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