Arewa Pastors: PDP Lampoons APC, Presidency over ‘procured’ endorsements

PMB and Oyegun

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has slammed President Muhammadu Buhari for what it described as the
stage-managed political endorsement by the All Progressives Congress.

The party condemned what it said  was the desperation of the APC and the Buhari Presidency, which has been displayed by “procuring individuals who
masqueraded as religious leaders, as hypocritical and disgusting signs
of desperation”.

“It said the Buhari Presidency’s hiring of supposed Arewa Pastors was a
second attempt to orchestrate fake endorsements ahead of the 2019
election, recalling the recent Martin Luther King Jr. saga”, the party stated in a statement sent to Frontline News Online on Sunday.

PDP alleged that  both endorsements were procured and they still turned out to be fake.

The Christian Association of Nigeria and the Nothern Christian Elders Forum disowned the Arewa Pastors, who recently endored the president for second term.

The MLK Foundation also disassociated itself from an award presented to President Buhari by some members of the King family.

The statement read in part: “It is heartrending that because of the desperation of one man, the
integrity of Nigeria’s seat of power has again been ridiculed as the
world watched religious bodies and groups in the country disowning the
procured band.

“The fact that this disgraceful drama came barely a week after our nation
suffered an international show of shame over President Buhari’s
presentation with a procured award fraudulently linked to Martin Luther
King Jr, speaks volumes of this administration’s proclivity for
falsehood, lies and deception.

“Having failed to gain any endorsements from reputable international
figures, such as Bill Gates and the Martin Luther Kings Jr group, the
APC and the Presidency have now shamelessly resorted to cheaper ways and means, particularly, along the unregulated and porous religious and
sectional lines”.

“It is now overtly manifest that the Buhari administration is ready to
even stage anything, no matter how ignoble, including fake rescue
missions, to deceive Nigerians.

“It would be recalled that the PDP had earlier alerted Nigerians of plots
by the Federal Government to engage in orchestrated endorsements as well
as issuing of false performance indices.

“These disgraceful endorsements are being coordinated by three
presidential aides, a cabinet minister from the southsouth and certain
officials of the APC, a project for which billions of naira have been

“This cabal is also responsible for the renting of crowds, who are
usually conveyed in buses, trucks and trailers, to fill the space during
President Buhari’s visits to various states of the federation, as
witnessed in Benue during the last visit of Mr. President”, the statement further read.


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