Bill to establish Federal Polytechnic, Ugbokolo, passes first reading 

Chairman House of Representatives Committee on Narcotics Drugs, Rep. Francis Ottah-Agbo


…Sponsor calls for more support of his colleagues

The Honourable Member representing Ado/Ogbadibo/Okpokwu Federal Constituency, Dr. Francis Ottah Agbo has again recorded another feat with the first reading of the Federal Polytechnic, Ugbokolo (Establishment) Bill on the floor of the House on Tuesday.

This makes it the fourth bill sponsored by the Feed Back Lawmaker,
Dr. Ottah Agbo. This is particularly important and instructive to the Ado, Ogbadibo, Okpokwu Federal Constituency, that in less than two years, their representative has done well in the Green Chamber made up of 360 members with each of them scrambling for space!

Dr. Ottah Agbo who is the Chairman of the House Committee on Narcotic Drugs and the Spokesman of the Minority Caucus has promised to do more, stressing that “my people aint seen nothing yet! ”

At the resumed sitting of the House today, the Poly which is envisioned to bridge the gap in technical and technological education in Nigeria and particularly in the North Central was among those passed for subsequent deliberations by the Honourable Members in 2021.

The Bill also seeks to change the Benue State Polytechnic, Ugbokolo to a federal institution. According to the Lawmaker, this will enable it to function optimally as the Federal Government will do better to fund it than the Benue State Government which is grappling with paucity of funds as a result of the low internally generated revenue as well as low federal allocation.

In the words of Dr. Ottah Agbo, “our educational system is too theoretical and less technical in concept and practice,” stressing that when established, the Federal Polytechnic, Ugbokolo will be strictly technologically driven and linked up to prestigious technological institutions in the UK, Canada and US!

It will be recalled that Dr. Ottah  Agbo has sponsored many critical Bills and Motions which seek to deepen democracy as well as motions and bills that have direct bearings on the yearnings and aspirations of Nigerians and particularly his Constituents.

The other bills which have been read for the first time are,  A Bill to Amend the Press Council Act, to define who a journalist is, A Bill To Establish Facility Management Institute, to preserve public infrastructure and A Bill to amend the Police Trust Fund Act to make NDLEA and other policing institutions to be beneficiaries of the fund. When passed and assented to law, the NDLEA will bark and bite, the NDLEA will be able to combat narcotic drug addiction amongst Nigerians, especially the youths.

The Lawmaker has also moved five important motions and still counting. They include: Urgent need to dredge Rivers Benue/ Niger, ‘ Motion to investigate N10b voted for dredging of River Benue, Need To Declare State of Emmergency In Drug Addiction’; ‘Urgent Need To Rebrand Nigeria’ and ‘Urgent Need To End The Boundary Crisis between Agila Community In Ado LGA, Benue State and Ngbo Community of Ohaukwu LGA of Ebonyi State’.

Dr. Ottah Agbo is one of the lawmakers, who despite being in the House of Representatives for the first time, have shown great commitment and zeal to ensuring good governance through sound legislation.

In a House of no less than 360 members, Dr. Ottah Agbo known in his constituency as the Ozigizaga and the Moving Train of Enone, has in about just one and a half years demonstrated how effective representation can bring about development as all his interventions since have been in the area of developing his people, enhancing professionalism and strengthening institutions to perform their statutory roles…


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