Bnxn Asked Me To Abort Pregnancy, Swedish Ex Reveals

Rising singer Daniel Benson better known as Bnxn seems to to be tumbling from one controversy to the other.

The talented singer was recently involved in heated exchange with a policeman in Lagos, just he has an online fight with Ruger over who is more talented and successful.

But his recent controversies are even less worrisome that the latest one which involves a beautiful Swedish women accusing him of impregnating her with many promises, but only for him to turn around to ask for an abortion.

The angry girlfriend in act of revenge porn released the chubby singer’s nudes and wen further to reveal how he asked her for unprotected sex.

The lady, identified as Filma Jonas, claims she and the singer were in a relationship but he has absconded her after impregnating her. 

Her words:“I am pregnant for Bnxn and he is trying to silence me and run away from his responsibility because I live in Sweden. 

“We met when he came to Sweden and I didn’t want unprotected sex but he told me he doesn’t have a child and he wants one but not with a Nigerian girl and he made us have sex but when I got pregnant and called him, he blocked me and had his friends and manager talk to me instead.

“They tried to advise me to have an abortion. He knows this goes against my culture. I can never have an abortion and it is not nice that he puts me in this situation. Sex is sex and if you are looking for sex many girls can give you that but children are something else and he does not want to take responsibility.  Instead his manager told me that I should look at this as a nice experience for me that I even got to sleep with him, it’s very messy.”


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