Buhari scores Armed Forces high in combating Boko Haram, insecurity


President Muhammadu Buhari has said that Boko Haram insurgency and other security challenges facing Nigeria require sustained multinational security operations to finally end them.

This was as the President gave the Nigerian Armed Forces a pass mark in its response to the numerous security challenges confronting the nation.

Buhari stated these during the graduation of 182 Senior Course 40 at the Armed Forces Command and Staff College, Jaji in Kaduna State on Thursday.

President Buhari said, “As the world shrinks into a global village with advancement in technology, nations cannot afford but work closely with each other in pursuit of their national interests. Even at the level of individuals or groups, the barriers have been broken. This has also brought in its wake an increase in international trade, commerce as well as security cooperation.”

He said the numerous security challenges facing the world today are trans-border in nature, involving actors in different sub-regions and regions. Adding that; “The West African sub-region and indeed the African continent are not immune to the negative impacts of globalization.”

The President therefore said that, “to effectively combat the prevalent security threats demands that African countries continue to work together at all levels including operational and tactical levels.

“We recognise that security challenges abound in all countries of the world including Nigeria. I am certain, with the consistent efforts of our security agencies, these challenges shall be considerably mitigated and minimised. I am sure you are aware of the collaboration of the armed forces of Nigeria, Cameroun, Niger Republic and Chad in a multinational operation to combat Boko Haram in the Lake Chad Basin region.”

While noting that, capacity building remains the bedrock of combat ready for effective and efficient military which this government remain committed to, the President said, the Federal Government will continue to give priority to the training and welfare of officers and men of our Armed Forces.

“This is not only because we salute their courage and sacrifice for the safety and stability of our country but because the Armed Forces of Nigeria have continued to be the bastion of our unity.”

While commending the armed forces, he said, “over the years, the Armed Forces of Nigeria have provided the appropriate response to the numerous security challenges facing our country.

“Their response to Boko Haram insurgency, militancy, kidnapping, activities of separatists and armed militias amongst others have been very commendable.

According to him, the Nigerian Armed Forces has also committed huge resources towards stability of the West African sub-region and world peace in general.

“Our efforts in Liberia and Sierra Leone which stabilized the West African sub-region readily come to mind, more recently, our Armed Forces have also contributed to the peace in The Gambia, Mali and South Sudan.”

Buhari said the significance and importance of joint training of members of the armed forces of friendly and allied countries cannot be over-emphasized and Senior Course 40 is not an exception. “The Course would have afforded you the chance to break barriers and build bridges of friendship amongst yourselves as individuals. It would have also afforded you the rare opportunity of appreciating each other’s lifestyle, culture and doctrines.

“This unique understanding and bond is expected to come handy in forging closer co-operation when occasions demand that you are deployed together “in multinational operations.” he said

He called on the graduating officers to realize that the nation has made a lot of investment into their training. Likewise the nation is expecting the best from them in terms of commitment to duties and their fatherland.

He also assured of his administration’s effort to return Nigeria on the path of peace and prosperity, saying that, “At the inception of this administration, I made 3 key promises to Nigerians. First is to address the various security challenges facing our country, second, to reposition our economy and third to fight the serious challenge of corruption which had eaten so deep into the very fabric that sustains our nation,” The President said.

-The Nation


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