Buhari’s Overseas Treatment, A Badge of Failure -PDP

…Asks Mr. President to Think of Other Nigerians

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) says the routine overseas medical
checkup embarked by President Muhammadu Buhari is a direct indictment of
his Presidency over its failure to fix our healthcare system, which has
been wrecked by his administration.

It is indeed worrisome that under President Buhari, even the hitherto
highly rated State House Clinic, has become so moribund that it cannot
provide a simple medical checkup service for Mr. President.

While the PDP has nothing against where any person, including President
Buhari, seeks his or her medical services, our party is worried that the
Buhari Presidency is taking no decisive steps to fix our health care
system, ostensibly because Mr. President can afford overseas medical
treatment at tax payers’ expense.

The PDP is disturbed that while Mr. President jets out for medical
treatment in well-equipped hospitals abroad, our hospitals and medical
personnel are in very sorry situation while millions of our compatriots
suffer, with many dying on daily basis from conditions that have simple
medical solutions.

It is indeed heartrending that Nigerians are suffering this huge
misfortune of having this highly insensitive, incompetent and corrupt
leadership of very selfish individuals who do not care about the welfare
of other citizens.

More saddening is  that all the institutions, policies and programmes
established by the PDP, which hitherto ensured access to affordable
healthcare for Nigerians have been wrecked by the Buhari administration.

Our party urges President Buhari to show leadership by reflecting on the
fact that millions of Nigerians cannot afford overseas treatment and
have become despondent by his failure to take decisive steps to address
our national healthcare needs.

President Buhari must know that his duty as President is not only for
his personal needs but more importantly for the needs of the generality
of Nigerians.

The PDP however calls on Nigerians to remain calm and not resign to
despondency as we collectively work to rescue our nation from the
stranglehold of misrule.


Kola Ologbondiyan
National Publicity Secretary


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