Corper’ Laments How Robbers Raped His 65-Year-Old Mother In Kaduna

A Twitter user, KingAhmed, has taken to social media to lament about robbers raping his 65-year-old mother in Kaduna State.

He disclosed this via his Twitter handle on Monday.

KingAhmed, had earlier called on police to help him after his mother called him and told him that robbers were attempting to break into the house on Sunday night.

On Monday morning, he posted a photo of his mother in the hospital and said that she had been raped multiple times and is currently receiving medical treatment.

“While you all are sleeping and having a night’s rest, I am here thinking how mean humans could be. My mum was raped multiple times, like how you break into one’s house, steal from them and rape them? How dare you rape a 65 years old woman? May y’all never see peace.

“She’s at the hospital receiving treatment. This is all I got after leaving my house to go serve my father land. May those who carried out this act never know peace in their entire life. I am running mad.”

The incident happened at KekeB near Millennium City, Kaduna.

Credit: Twitter | KingAhmed26

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