Court dissolves 11-year-old marriage as wife starves husband of sex

A Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan, on Tuesday, dissolved the 11-year-old marriage between Nurudeen Mabinuori and Zainab on grounds of sex starvation and fear of contracting sexually transmitted disease.

Delivering judgment, Chief Henry Agbaje, the President of the court held that ”the court had done everything possible to settle the problem between Mabinuori and Zainab, all to no avail”.

Agbaje consequently dissolved the union in the interest of peace and granted custody of the only child to Zainab.

The arbitrator ordered Mabinuori to pay N5,000 as the child’s monthly feeding allowance.

He further ordered Mabinuori to pay N84,000 for accommodation for Zainab and the baby.


Earlier, Mabinuori said that he was no longer willing to continue with the marriage due to his wife’s stubbornness and violence.

”She is stubborn, she also beats me and seizes my belongings. She starved me of sex,” he said.

Responding, Zainab, challenged Mabinuori, asking him to tell the court the truth.

”My husband is carrying an STD. I refused to sleep with him because I was afraid of contracting it.

”He is a womaniser. He has refused to go for treatment and I cannot risk my life for him,” she said.

Zainab alleged that her in-laws are aware of the real reason behind the prayer for divorce.



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