Eyelashes, Miniskirts, 10 Other Things Banned In Mummy GO’s Church

Photo courtesy of Punch Newspaper

The founder of Rapture Proclaimer Evangelical Church of God, Funmilayo Adebayo, popularly known as Mummy GO (General Overseer) is a woman who puts her preaching to practice.

According to an investigation by Punch, Adebayo’s church based in Lagos is a reminder of the Puritan church. In fact, strictness is the watch word in the church founded by the lady evangelist who has become a meme queen with different memes of her sentencing people to hell based on different reasons.

The Lagos based preacher has disowned the hell-threatening memes, Punch undercover reporter returned with a list of the many prohibited items/mode of dressing for anyone attending her church. The banned modes of dressings where oddly listed in a banner hung at the entrance of her Iyana-Ipaja based ministry.

Eyelashes and miniskirts are forbidden by the church. On her a large banner hung at the entrance of the church, “Do not enter the House of God with the following:

Beads: Whether male or female, royalty or fashionista, beads are not allowed in the church of Mummy GO. You are not allowed to dress up like royalty in the church as well.

Jewellery: You will have to return that drop-dead neck, head, or leg jewellery before you leave home. The ushers are vigilant, they will find you and seize it for the duration of the service.

Miniskirts and short skirts: Your quest to look dashing may be dampened by the fact that the church does not allow you to drape yourself in delightful trims and tights. Your entire leg must be covered at the RAPEC church.

Jeans: The church does not condone any kind of jeans, whether slashed, tight-fitting or free. A meme posted online says, “Jeans will lead you to hellfire”.

Curly hair, dreads and hair extensions:  If your hair plays a major part of your identity, you may consider attending other churches. Mummy GO’s church does not welcome curly hair, dreads or hair extensions for women in her church. Your hair would have to be totally covered up for you to venture into the house of God at RAPEC.

Dreds and stylish cuts for men: For men, your hair must not be stylish in any way. You must not adorn dreds and curly hair as well. Your hair must be low without any unique cuts.

Eyelashes: You must bring your natural face, eyelashes to RAPEC. You must be prim and proper like in the days of yore.

Makeup: All dabs, brushes and powders will bar you from Mummy GO’s church, else you won’t be allowed by the ushers.

Painted nails: For Mummy GO, painted nails are a reflection of immorality. A church pamphlet made available to PUNCH correspondent described painted nails as devilish, it also linked it to Jezebel in the bible.

Tattoos: You are disqualified from going to the house of God at RAPEC with your tattoos. If they are not revealing, you may begin to cringe when the sermon hits you where the tattoo lies.


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