Gbemi Saraki celebrates students on her scholarship

Ministerial nominee, Senator Gbemisola Saraki

Senator Gbemi Saraki has been in a celebratory mood and this is because 43 students she sponsored to obtain higher education will soon be graduating.

The former lawmaker has gone public with her happiness over the success of students.

She said: “And then, there were 43. Three years ago, you started out as 44 strangers, the only common thread was that you were all from Kwara State, from ilorin Emirate; with one desire – to make something of your lives, if given the opportunity.

‘The opportunity came, far away from home, in a different state. Many of you had never left home, and now, you were being offered scholarship to attend the College of Education in Bauchi State. Many could not understand why the scholarship was only to this College. Why not within Kwara State, if not ilorin in particular, you asked.

“I had my reasons, which included the need and benefit in interacting with people of different cultures, faith and norms, and the richness this brings into our lives as adults, learning tolerance, patience and respect for one another.

“I know many of you had to convince, plead with your parents to let you go. Back then, three years seemed so far away.

“And look at it now. Three years later, you have become tight friends, brothers and sisters, good ambassadors of your family, of the GRS Foundation and of Kwara State”.

“You start your final exams tomorrow, hoping to all become NCE graduates. I know the results will be good, as you have all done so well in all previous exams. I am even sure that some of you will probably be in the top 5 students.

“Know that I am already so proud of you all. May Allah guide you all, protect you all and bless you all.

“So go kill those exams tomorrow, and bring all those wonderful awards and certificates back home”, she added.



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