Health Experts Advocate For Stringent Laws To End Female Genital Mutilation

By Prudence Ijah

As the world marked the international day of zero tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation, experts have advocated for more stringent laws towards ending the injustice and violation of human rights through female genital mutilation.

Speaking at a Webinar to commemorate the day, Programme Manager, Gender and Inclusion, Christian AID UK, Mercy Okeke, reinstated that FGM is an act of inequality with negative impact on the mutilated individual.

“There is a health, psychological, economic and emotional impact of FGM. FGM limits women from being empowered while the health complications that arises from FGM leads to poverty”.

While fielding questions from newsmen, Mercy hinted that Christian AID is supporting side by side faith movement as they are working with a network of Faith based organizations and seeking for ways of ending the FGM practice in the country.

“We are committed to speaking up against gender based violence Nigeria. We are working in different communities in the country. We are targeting both boys and girls on how to put an end to this age long practice”.

A public health expert with Christian Aid UK Dr Anne Adah-Ogoh reiterated that to eliminate FGM by 2030, there is need for more sanctions on perpetrators as it will serve as detergent to other violators.

Adah-Ogoh however called for the full integration of FGM into the educational school curriculum from primary to tertiary institutions.

“To meet the target of eliminating FGM by 2030, it is important for all states to fully implement the Violence against persons act while female genital mutilation should be integrated into the education system and school curriculum”

The CEO of EIDS Limited, Dr Ejiro Otive, noted that there is need to involve Traditional rulers in order to end Female Genital Mutilation in Nigeria.

She added that the Traditional leaders will play a great role in ending the age long myths in the country.

“In some communities, people believe that uncircumcised girls are usually promiscuous, and this thought usually make them to be deeply enshrined in the act. It is highly important for all the citizens to come together in ending this practice”.

Dr Otive further added that Female Genital Mutilation is a dastard act against humanity, and should be eliminated.

The panelists discussed on the topic changing the narrative, unite against female genital Mutilation in Nigeria while they jointly advocated for an end to the injustice of FGM.

The international day of zero tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation, is commemorated every 6th February to raise awareness of the dangers of female genital Mutilation and the focus this year is standing together against FGM.


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