HealthPlus, BARE Collaborate To Improve Skin Care

HealthPlus Group company CasaBella has partnered with BARE, a specialist skin care tech platform, to provide innovative solutions for quality skin care, particularly for black men and women, through virtual consultations and accurate product matching to skin type and conditions.
Together, CasaBella and BARE will enable seamless analysis and diagnosis of skin conditions. The partnership will focus on providing unrivalled service by leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Consultations in order to provide truly personalized skin care.
Chidi Okoro, Chief Transformation Officer of HealthPlus Group, said, ‘We will build customized profiles to help our beauty advisors accurately navigate skin types, products, and plans for any skin condition.  This service will help customers take better care of their skin in a scientific and pocket-friendly manner’.

Abimbola-Kofoworola Oladeji, CEO of BARE said, “I am excited about this opportunity to provide our customers with the right skincare solutions quickly and at competitive prices. The recommendation and fulfillment service will kick off in Lagos, but we look forward to increasing capacity across the country, in a short period of time.”
HealthPlus, a leading pharmaceutical retailer, recently repositioned its operations as part of an expansion programme into more locations, with new focus on cities with less secure access to prescription medications. 

The expansion programme aims providing more Nigerians with access to quality drugs and health products. The lead investor in HealthPlus, Alta Semper, has in recent years invested in excess of US$150 million into leading healthcare companies in Nigeria, Egypt and Morocco, with the view to provide access to sophisticated and high quality healthcare solutions on the continent.

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