How aid worker captured by Boko Haram ‘was killed’ two weeks after wedding

Emmanuel Peter, a humanitarian aid worker, who was abducted in the north-east region, has reportedly been killed.

The insurgents abducted him at Jakana along Damaturu-Maiduguri road in Yobe state, on Wednesday, and two days later, Peter’s death was announced on his Facebook page.

At 12:25am on Friday, Peter’s Facebook profile picture changed to an image with a black background. His cover photo also changed.

Some minutes later, an obituary was shared on his timeline. It’s unclear if the post was shared by Peter or one of his abductors.

“Hey fellows…am already dead..dnt work any me..jst worry any ur self’s..papa..sorry I can’t get d corps in other to bury..c u in d am in hell.n j hope u guys wl come n mit me soon,” the post read.

The insurgents were said to have killed him after finding out that he worked with a humanitarian agency, though he reportedly denied his link with the agency.

His captors reportedly browsed through his iPad where they found adequate information on him.


Two weeks before his reported death, Peter wedded his wife at Eyn state low-cost in Jimeta, Yola, capital of Adamawa state.

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