How Indian doctor ‘removed the baby’s genitals to prove he was right when he predicted it would be a girl

  • Dr Anuj Kumar ‘had predicted couple were having a baby girl’ in Jharkhand state
  • But baby was born a boy and Kumar took child back off parents, reports claim
  • Couple allege that Kumar then surgically removed boy’s penis and testicles
  • Doctor said to have claimed the baby had been born with deformities and died

A newborn boy has died in India after a doctor allegedly removed the baby’s genitals to prove he was right when he predicted it would be a girl (file picture)

The couple had reportedly gone to Dr Kumar’s nursing home after Ms Devi went into labour and Dr Kumar charged them the equivalent of £183 to carry out a caesarean section.

She gave birth to a baby boy but later took him back from the family, it is claimed.

Police spokesman Ashok Ram said the family had challenged the doctor’s version of events with him and his staff all night and had lodged a formal complaint in the morning.

Mr Ram said: ‘We have sent the body to Chatra Sadar Hospital for post-mortem. A team visited the nursing home after receiving the complaint, but found it closed.’

Dr D N Thakur, a medical officer with the Itkhori community health centre, said an earlier inspection of Dr Kumar’s nursing home had raised concerns.

‘Proprietor Dr Anuj Kumar could not produce valid documents. We had asked him to submit his licences to practise and run a nursing home for scrutiny by April 16, but he didn’t oblige,’ he said.

The police investigation continues. Dr Kumar could face criminal charges, the loss of his medical licence and the closure of his nursing home if the allegations against him are proved.



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