How police gased Dino Melaye by Senator Ben Bruce

Senator Melaye on a stretcher

Deputy spokesman of the Senate, Senator Ben Bruce has accused the police of puting the life of his colleague, Senator Dino Melaye at risk during his recent arrest.

The senator from Bayela State, on his verified Twitter handle said the police gased Melaye resulting to his having difficulty breathing.

“Just met with @dino_melaye. Very sad to hear what transpired. Dino is asthmatic, yet while in transit, the police gassed him & he could barely breathe. Second time they gassed him, he had to force his way out of the vehicle. Dino literally escaped death. SAD”, he tweeted.

But some other Twitter users didn’t agree with Bruce.
Tweeting with the handle A’ Voice a respondent said: “Because I can only imagine the desperation on the part of @PoliceNG to have gassed their own personnel and the driver all in a bit to harm @dino_melaye …
“Or is the common sense senator playing tricks on our intelligence??…trying to connect the dots”.
Senator Ben Bruce

In another tweet, Wale III, sais “As expected, It doesn’t make sense at all. not surprised that the first time we’re hearing about any form of tear gassing, it is coming from the “comon sense senator” & not the Senator (who was on video threatened to Kill himself and put the police officers in trouble) himself.?..


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