Investigate Abba Kyari, Leave Saraki Alone, Group Tells EFCC

DCP Abba Kyari

The rumour that the former Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki has been arrested is designed to distract whereas he attended a wedding today, the 31st of July 2021, said a Statement by The Northern Youths Transparency Vanguard. 

 People uncomfortable with Saraki’s rising presidential prospects have found a common ground with the EFCC hatchet men to distract from the grave implications of a decorated police man fraternizing with a known fraudster leading to his indictment. The Group therefore  called on the EFFC to tell Nigerians what CP Abba Kyari had with convicted internet scammer popularly called Hushpuppi, as to warrant the American Spy Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI, to secure a Court warrant for the arrest of the Nigerian super cop and not distract people with Saraki’s name.

According to a release by signed by the Group’s President, Mallam Inuwa Sabo, it is curious and insulting for the EFCC and its hatchet men to circulate a statement that the former Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki has been arrested over renewed allegations of corruption, when a topical and humongous case of corruption of international magnitude is hanging over the head of Abba Kyari and they chose to distract the attention of Nigerians.

Continuing, the Statement by the Group said, that EFFC realizing that the Saraki Brand is an attention grabber at anytime thought to spin old sour grapes tale of allegation of corruption at such a time that the image of Nigeria is being tarred by the climatic disclosure by convicted internet fraudster that the CP Abba Kyari had his hands deep in the cookie of slush proceeds from a web of financial crimes that targeted foreign corporations and individuals.

It is no news to Nigerians that the EFCC have continuously investigated allegations of corruption and raised trump charges against the former Senate President, which when tested in the Courts have always fallen flat. Still, the EFCC and their paymasters and cyber peddlers keep fanning the flames of hyperbole and ingenious propaganda with Saraki’s name under of renewed allegations of corruption.
The Statement said that Nigerians are wiser and that is why a Saraki Presidency will usher in a new era for Nigerians who will look back at this era as a passing phase. If fighting corruption means much to the EFCC, they should address the concerns of Nigerians about the red-hot Abba Kyari relationship with the convicted scammer. 
“We are not unaware that EFCC are doing their best to bring Saraki to the burner, saying there’s more nuance to the never-ending attempt to rubbish his name. “And the incessant need to coerce and deflect public opinion to cover certain individuals is a shame and a sore in the anti-graft war. Nigerians are more enlightened now to understand this propaganda strategy of whipping a dead dog to score respiratory respite for certain people in order to cover their bias, the Statement concluded.
Signed:Mallam Inuwa Sabo,President,Northern Youths Transparency Vanguard31 july, 2021


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