Kardashians Rushing To Khloe’s Side: She’s Reportedly In Labor Amidst Tristan Cheating Scandal


Looks like it’s finally happening! Khloe Kardashian is reportedly experiencing early contractions just 24 hours after learning Tristan Thompson has allegedly been cheating! Yikes!

Omg is it time? Khloe Kardashian, 33, is reportedly in labor, according to TMZ, and it’s no surprise considering news broke just yesterday, on April 10, that her baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, 27, has allegedly been cheating on her for months — with multiple women! Luckily KoKo’s family is reportedly jetting to Cleveland to be by her side. Although Khloe’s due date is reportedly in late April, it seems the baby is coming sooner than expected, which could totally be due to stress stemming from the cheating scandal. Click here to see gorgeous pics of Khloe pregnant.

“Our sources say Kris Jenner flew out Wednesday morning and Kim, along with other family members and friends are scheduled to fly out Thursday and Friday,” the media outlet reported, adding that “the family is extremely upset over the revelations about Tristan.” Apparently the Kardashians had no idea about his alleged serial cheating until yesterday. While Khloe originally planned to give birth in Cleveland so that Tristan could be there, after learning of his alleged infidelity, the Revenge Body star may not let him in the delivery room after all! On top of that, as HollywoodLife.com previously reported, KoKo initially wanted to fly back to Cali upon hearing the reports, but couldn’t.

“Khloe is stuck in Ohio, where she most likely will give birth to her baby despite her desire to flee back to California,” a source close to the Kardashians told us EXCLUSIVELY. “Khloe is too far along in her pregnancy for any long distance traveling. Whether she likes it or not, her only safe choice is to have her baby in Cleveland, no matter how sad or difficult that will be for her.”

Meanwhile, Tristan has a basketball game tonight in Cleveland upon returning from his apparent rendezvous in NYC. However, sources with the team have told us EXCLUSIVELY that the athlete is allowed to go to the hospital and miss the game if he chooses to go — or let’s be real, IF Khloe allows him to be there.

Not only have multiple reports surfaced that Tristan has been cheating on pregnant Khloe, but footage of him with other women has also been released. In one clip, which was obtained by TMZ, a man identified as the b-ball star can be seen getting cozy with two women in a club. At one point, he even motorboats one of the women and then she grabs his crotch! “Khloe is devastated and has been brought to tears after seeing the pics of Tristan with another woman,” a source close to the Kardashians said.



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