Lagos Police arrest 2 sisters for blackmailing a reverend sister using a sextape she made with reverend father


Two blood sisters, Ngozi Nnabude and Uchenna Agagwaonye have been arrested by the Lagos police command for blackmailing a reverend sister, Mary Okolo who is the head teacher at Handmaids International Catholic School, Aguda with a sex tape she made with a priest.


Speaking during the press briefing, the commissioner of police, Imohimi Edgal said that Agagwaonye,  who teaches Primary four pupils in the school was frustrated by the reverend sister’s alleged wickedness and then solicited her sister to send a blackmail text, threatening to expose the reverend sister’s sex tape.

According to New Telegraph, Agagwaonye claimed she didn’t realize that the text messages sent to Sis.Mary Okolo was threatening. Narrating what happened she said;

“I have been teaching in that school for over 18 years. But Rev. Sister Okolo just joined us recently.

I run a part time programme with University of Lagos. Before I went for leave, I went through the normal process of applying for my annual leave. And when I resumed, N12,000 was deducted from my salary.I went to plead with her concerning my salary, but said she would pay me when God touches her heart.”

Speaking further, Agagwaonye also explained that last year, there was also an incident, where the former headmistress asked all staff to revise the exam questions with the students before the examination, but the assistant headmistress reported to the new headmistress that Agagwaonye was engaging in examination malpractice.

Agagwaonye said it was a lie from the pit of hell against her. She added:

“If I’m doing that kind of thing, how do I intend to teach the children morals? Six months later, we had an argument about the graduation. I was given a letter of suspension. All these didn’t make me happy, so I was the one that told my sister to send the threatening text messages.”


She also alleged that Sister Okolo angrily sacked a security guard, after the latter caught her having sex with a Rev. Father. Okolo also allegedly sacked some other teachers.

“I don’t want to kidnap or kill her. I sent the messages to her so that she would calm down on her wickedness. I only told her I would make the video clip of her sex escapades public. I don’t even have any video, but the laptop repairer whom she gave her laptop to fix has video clips of her nudity. I didn’t know it would be assumed that I was blackmailing her. I am not a Catholic,”

Speaking on the case, Ms Nnabude said;

“My sister took her annual leave to enable her write sit for her exams. When she resumed, Okolo deducted N12,000 from her salary.

The woman always uses harsh words on my sister and her colleagues. She even used to tell them that they didn’t have anybody to fight for them and that she would frustrate them all. My sister asked me to send a message to the nun.

I got involved in the case because it was my phone that was used to send her the messages. In the message, my sister talked about a sex tape. We didn’t threaten to kill her.”

CP Imohimi Edgal revealed that the reverend sister had to report to the police after the constant threat to her life wouldn’t stop. The intelligent component of the command during investigations found out that Ma Agagwaonye gathered information about the sister and sent them to her sister which is used to blackmail the reverend sister

The intelligence component of the command was directed to unmask those threatening her. Investigations revealed that Agagwaonye’s role was to monitor Okolo and pass information gathered to her sister, Nnabude, who would then call Okolo on phone, describing her movement and clothes she wore. She would tell the petrified nun that, ‘you cannot hide from us! You’ll be killed soon.

Detectives investigating the case have been instructed to find out if the suspects have the capacity to carry out their threats, or if they are working with other criminals. The case will be charged to court as soon as the investigating is over.


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