Laolu Akande Sets Stage As “Inside Sources” Debuts Friday On Channels TV

*Former Osun Gov, Bisi Akande, to kick off Inside Sources Programme

Former Presidential aide and seasoned journalist, Laolu Akande, is set to become a TV host as he prepares to make his debut on a groundbreaking TV political programme, called “Inside Sources” on Channels TV.

The TV show is set to debut on Friday, December 22, 2023, and viewers can watch exclusively on Channels Television station every Friday at 9:00 am.

Former Governor of Osun State and Ex-Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Chief Bisi Akande, will be the first guest on the new programme on Friday.

Akande shared his thoughts about the announcement on his official Instagram page, where he invited many Nigerians to join him to delve deep by dissecting Nigeria’s pivotal issues on governance and other pressing national matters.

“I extend a warm invitation to join me every Friday at 9 am on my TV show, “Inside Sources” exclusively on Channels Television. Experience a thought-provoking journey through our nation’s current affairs, where we delve deep into insightful discussions on pivotal issues,” Akande said.

“Inside Sources” promises a unique fusion of well-grounded journalistic expertise and a commitment to public service. Your engagement is valued as we navigate and analyze the purse of our nation,” the new TV personality declared.

This highly anticipated show featuring the esteemed Laolu Akande is set to revolutionize the political discourse in a captivating and informative manner, providing insightful analysis and discussions on pressing political issues in Nigeria.

“Inside Sources” promises to be a breath of fresh air in the media landscape. Viewers can expect well-researched insights, thought-provoking discussions, and nuanced analysis. With a deep understanding of the political landscape, Akande, a thorough-bred journalist will provide viewers with a balanced perspective on various political topics, enabling them to form their own informed opinions.

Laolu Akande who will now be setting the stage for public discussions on TV screen, has had a stellar career in Journalism for the past three decades.

Akande’s career in Journalism started in 1989 when he joined the Guardian newspaper as a reporter. He worked with The News and Tempo newspapers as a senior writer, until he joined the Nigerian Tribune in 1995 as a Special Projects Editor and later became the Editor of the Tribune on Saturday title, furthering his career in the oldest newspaper in Nigeria, making him the youngest newspaper editor at the time.

From there, Akande later left the country for the United States, where he worked with Newsday as an Assistant Editor. He was also a Fellow of the Tribune Minority Editorial Training Program, METPRO. In 2004, he founded Empowered Newswire, a New York-based independent news agency reporting on Nigerian and African news from the US and North America.

Akande is regarded as the only Nigerian journalist to have interviewed a sitting American President in the White House when he interviewed former US President George W. Bush, at a White House African Reporters Roundtable.

He has also interviewed eminent personalities, including billionaire Bill Gates, and former US President Donald Trump amongst others. Akande has also been featured as a guest on several international radio and TV programmes in the United States and Europe.

The journalist is bringing his wealth of knowledge and experience to the table on Channels TV, the programme that is set to the screen.

Akande’s sharp intellect, astute observation skills and ability to dissect complex political matters and communicate them in a way that resonates with viewers are his greatest assets that would be brought to the fore.

In an era where media bias is a prevalent concern, Nigerians expect the TV show to deliver objective reporting that is free from personal or political agendas and at the same foster an environment of open dialogue and promote healthy debate.

Akande’s unparalleled expertise will no doubt pave the way for engaging discussions that are capable of shedding light on the most pressing issues of our time while redefining the way we consume political information.

As we eagerly await the debut of this TV political programme, Nigerians are filled with anticipation for the enlightening discussions, informative analysis, and engaging dialogue it promises to deliver.

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