Maryam Shetty Opens Up On Cancelled Ministerial Nomination

Maryam Shetty

Popular Kano State politician Maryam Shetty has opened up on how she managed the sudden withdrawal of her nomination as minister by President Bola Tinubu.

Maryam whose nomination generated varying reactions on social media was already in the National Assembly waiting for her turn in the Senate before the news of the change of heart by the President broke.

She explained in a statement issued on Saturday, that her faith helped her deal with the disappointment.

Shetty said, “I have found myself at the centre of a pivotal moment in Nigeria’s political landscape. President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, in a move that brought me immense honour, chose me as a ministerial nominee. Coming from the traditional, conservative regions of northern Nigeria, this represented a significant stride towards a more inclusive national representation.

“The sheer joy and pride I felt at my nomination were beyond words. It was a validation of my capabilities, a nod to my vision, and a sign that our great nation was ready to embrace a future where young women like me, even from the most traditional parts of Nigeria, can hold positions of influence and power.

“Yet, life, with its characteristic unpredictability, led to the withdrawal of my nomination. To some, this could seem like a setback, but my faith as a devout Muslim guided my understanding. I saw it as the divine will of Allah, who I believe grants power as He wishes when He wishes. His plans are always superior to ours.”


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