Mr.Macaroni Leads #EndSARS Commemoration March, Seeks Justice For Protesters Killed Two Years After

Popular comedian and content creator, Adebowale Adedayo, better known as Mr. Macaroni, has reiterated his call for justice for protesters killed during the #EndSARS protest.

Macaroni who led youths to the Lekki Toll Gate plaza where the army shot at and killed protesters on Thursday in commemoration of their killing said many Nigerians are in need of justice.

The comedian made his opinion known in a post he shared on his official Facebook page on Thursday.

He said: “All we want is Justice!
We love Nigeria sooo much and I believe that this country can be better but we all have a huge role to play.
“Our Government must realize that their duty is to serve and protect the people. Not oppress and kill us. All we want is a better society that all can benefit from”.

“Even Police officers are not exempted! Even though una still throw tear gas at us today,
Nigeria must be better for you! So that you will stop transferring aggression on fellow Nigerians!
The Government must do right by the people and we the people must also be ready to do the work! We are all we have! So we must always stay United.
“WE must not allow Politicians divide us.
This country must work before we all become Victims of a Country that has refused to work”, he added.

The comedian also announced that, “the survivor who was arrested while addressing pressmen has been released”.

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