My Ex-husband Is Asking For Spousal Support — Korra Obidi

Popular Nigerian dancer and singer, Korra Obidi has said that her ex-husband, Justin Dean, is demanding for spousal support while also wanting to take full custody of their children, June and Athena.

Obidi made this known in a video on her Facebook page.

The mother of two said she was informed by her lawyer that her ex-husband had filed for her kids to be immediately taken away from her, but he was denied by a Judge.

Korra added that despite her being the one paying the school fees for their kids since February, which is about $1800 per month, Justin is also asking for spousal support.

She said, “I just got from my lawyer that our brother in the Lord, my ex, has filed for my children to be immediately taken away from me but was denied by a judge. He is also asking for spousal support.

I have been paying our children’s school fees since February till now, which is about $1800 per month, on my own.”

“He says I am costing him his mental health, so he wants spousal support.

“I am thankful that the judge and people are seeing through all of this ruse. I think it’s time for us to sue for defamation.” She also said.

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