My Wife’s Confidence Attracted Her To Me, Nollywood Star, Kunle Remi, Speaks On Love Story

The famed bachelor has found his match!

It was always a question of who Nigeria’s most sought-after bachelor would end up with, as speculation about Kunle Remi’s relationship status persisted without concrete answers. Until today, January 1, 2024, Kunle Remi himself confirmed that he has successfully courted and established the marriage of his dreams.

Today, I am delighted to unveil a couple meant to be – a destined love story between renowned actor Kunle Remi and his equally remarkable partner, Tiwi. Enjoy an exclusive glimpse into the heartwarming journey of this extraordinary power couple.

Since we always adore hearing the beginnings of a love story, what was your first impression of each other?

Tiwi: Well, he was witty, reserved, and self-assured. And physically, there was no missing his Popeye arms and incredible smile. On a lighter note, his tight trousers and jewelry caught my attention. Hehe. I now know he owns more jewelry than me!

Kunle: Her confidence caught my attention. She is vibrant and the type who turns heads when entering a room – you can’t not notice her. She’s a supermodel. Not only did her big smile catch my eye immediately, but the way she threw her head back when she laughed captivated me.

Now that you are married, what are the things you love the most about each other?

Tiwi: He has a gigantic heart! I don’t know how it fits into his body! He also has a genuine love for everyone and sees people where they are; he’s humble, which is a very attractive trait to me.

Kunle: What I love the most is that she is a lover of God, dedicated, consistent, and hard-working. She is a constant inspiration to me. She is also very, very caring. The caring sometimes enters into overdrive, and I need to remind her not to take on more.

In the moments that the other is totally unaware, what do you enjoy watching each other do?

Tiwi: While he is recapping any event – he can have me on the floor belly laughing with the many voices and animations he uses to tell stories…even in the most mundane moments of a day he is sharing, he brings out the color. I also love seeing him get ready and tuck himself into bed after a long day – many inside jokes with this one. I know its two entirely different activities, but both are incredibly entertaining and enjoyable to watch.

Kunle: I love watching Tiwi work and problem-solve; when we are discussing and have yet to conclude, she goes into planning and execution mode. It’s like watching a superhero movie, except instead of a cape, she’s holding onto her planner, excel, and a to-do list. It’s a show I never want to miss!

If you could collaborate on a project together, no matter how unconventional, what would it be?

Tiwi: Our own version of an amusement park. We design it together from end to end…a complete getaway filled with wonder for families. I’m thinking of a short-stay hotel, farm-to-table restaurants, and educational rides—one of many ideas.

Kunle: I don’t know exactly… Any humanitarian fhingz I would love to do with her.

If your relationship had a theme song or a soundtrack, what would be the top three tracks and why?

Tiwi: Haha! Hmm… Let me think. Perhaps:

  1. A whole new world (Aladdin),
  2. Hakuna Matata (Lion King), and
  3. Thinking out Loud (Ed Sheeran)

Do I sound like a 5-year old or what?!

Kunle: Mine would be:

  1. Running to You (Chike feat. Simi),
  2. Stick With You Remix (PussyCat Dolls Feat Avant), and
  3. Deep Yoruba Worship (Victor Thompson)

If you both had a superpower as a couple, what would it be, and how would you use it?

Tiwi: As simple as it may sound, I would love to inject belly laughs and joy into folks. It would keep everyone young and usher in more peace. Perhaps I’m projecting, but Kunle has taught me…actually continues to teach me…nothing is ever that serious, and all things are fixable with a clear head and merry heart.

Kunle: I would love that too. We both wrote vows to each other during our private ceremony in the fall of 2023 and included our commitment to laughter in our marriage. It is one of the important stones we laid in the foundation of our home.

You both make such a powerful and beautiful couple. So while your Kindred may be shocked by the sudden news, we can be sure that they will be excited and delighted to see that the both of you have found each other. We genuinely appreciate you graciously allowing us a glimpse into your love. As an old African proverb wisely states, ‘A happy heart makes the face cheerful.’ We wish Tiwi and Kunle a lifetime of joy and happiness together. Thank you for your time and for sharing your exclusive photos with us today!

Interviewer: Kristina Innemee, 1810 Creative

Photographer: Alexey Kuznetsov (Alex Musin)

Hairstylist: Maritza Gill (Neal Farinah Salon)

Designer (Tiwi): Sam Noon

Designer (Kunle): @Konye_clothings

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