National Hospital To Restart Training School To Improve Healthcare Delivery 

By Prudence Eboagwu-Ijah

In a bid to improve health care delivery services in the Federal capital territory, the National Hospital Abuja has revealed plans to restart her training school to ensure that health care workers continually remain updated with current approaches in health care delivery. 
The Chief Medical Director Dr. Jaf Mamoh disclosed this in Abuja during the presentation of the servicom compliance award by the National servicom team to the national hospital management for being the best customer service organization in Abuja. 
Dr Mamoh further added that the hospital is gradually embracing electronic health (e-health) by ensuring digital documentation of patients record through the electonic medical record (EMR) system as a means of improving documentation for pateints record. 
In his words, “we are doing our best to reduce missing case notes of patients hence we are going digital for digital data documentation, also you can get necessary information from the reception, ask me team and even the official website of the hospital” Dr Mamoh said. 
While presenting the award, the national  coordinator and chief executive officer of SERVICOM office Nnenna Akajemeli said they have evaluated the services being rendered at National Hospital Abuja and commended the medical practitioners for working diligently to save lives. 
In her words, “we are here to facilitate the policies and continuously evaluate the work of this government organization, we are also here to look at the findings and to see what has changed since our previous visit. Akajemeli said. 
The adoption of the EMR make work easier, which we recommended for the hospital as this helps in appointment dates and times , which is also inline with best practices globally. Also, continous updates on the website helps to improve access to accurate information on health care services. She noted. 
The national coordinator SERVICOM added that they have a team looking out for organizations that have done well  in thinking out of the box in rendering services to customers and pateints alike. 
According to her, service providers are key, hence the need to ensure the needed services function well. She hinted that services like provision of a functional lift for ease in movement, provision of friendly environment for patients is highly commendable. 
She also recommended the provision of a directional information system through the use of radio announcement for ease in information dissemination. 
“The ask me team should be regarded as director of social and information, with the need to train the hospital staff for the improvement of attitudes.”  Akajemeli recommended. 


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