Nationwide Strike Begins Tuesday – Labour

The organised labour has directed its members to commence nationwide strike over the assault on Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) President, Joe Ajaero, starting from midnight of Tuesday, November 14, 2023.

President of TUC, Festus Osifo, who addressed reporters on the planned strike in Labour House, said the strike would only be called off when “governments at all levels wake up to their responsibility.”

The organised labour comprising Nigeria Labour Congress and Trade Union Congress of Nigeria, directed all affiliate unions of the two labour centres to implement the resolutions of the joint National Executive Council of TUC and NLC.

He said, “We also stated that the area commander that led the police to carry out the brutalisation should be relieved of his duties and he should be prosecuted.

“Then, Chinaza, whom everybody knew that led the thugs should also be arrested and prosecuted. We have a list of our demands. We gave an ultimatum that initially expired Wednesday last week.

“But on the eve of that expiration, we held a joint session of the NLC and the TUC, we looked at it, we thought that as a responsible institution we should give an additional one week if the government would be responsive. In order to further draw the attention of the government, we had a picketing session last week.”

“But instead of the government coming out strongly, to condemn this criminality, instead of the government to seek and stand on the side of justice and truth, some people in government were running their mouths and making all kinds of statements.

“So, the two labour centres have resolved to stand firmly by the decision of the joint NEC that was held last week Tuesday that in 00:01 hours on 14th of November, we shall declare a nationwide strike. So, effective tomorrow or midnight today, a nationwide strike is going to commence”, he said.

“All affiliates of TUC, NLC; all State councils of the two centres have been mobilized adequately and this is going to be indefinite until governments at all levels wake up to their responsibilities. This is the decision of NEC of NLC and TUC that we are going to carry out to the latter!” he further said.

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