NDDC Contractors Demand Payment For School Renovation Contracts In A’Ibom

Interim Administrator of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Mr Effiong Okon Akwa

…Predicts another big loss for APC come 2023 if not paid

A resounding defeat that will sweep the All Progressives Congress in Akwa Ibom into infinite political oblivion is set for 2023. 

This was the  verbal outburst by some aggrieved Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) contractors who are demanding that NDDC under the watch of the APC, Minister of the Niger Delta, Senator Akpabio, and the interim Administrator of NDDC, Mr Effiong Akwa, should pay them off for renovating schools in the State or again watch APC fall headlong in defeat come 2023 as was the case in 2019.

The aggrieved contractors said they heaved a sigh of relief in 2020 when President Buhari appointed Akpabio and Akwa to see to the affairs of NDDC as they expected  the duo to use their respective offices to pay for their long-term services but nothing has yet been done. 
Detailing THE INK reporter on the plights of the NDDC contractors, the aggrieved contractors who confided in THE INK said the then Nsima led administration awarded them contracts to refurbish a good number of dilapidated schools in the State. 

Upon completion of the contract at the stipulated time agreed on by the contractors and the then administration, they maintained that Nsima Ekere failed to fulfill his part of the agreement to pay off the contracting firms despite completion of the renovation project, continuous pleas and pressures from the contractors. 

For the contractors, the prolonged insensitivity of the Nsima led NDDC administration to their pleas was a serious crown of thorns for them and their situation has neither known no better days even after Nsima Ekere’s resignation as subsequent MDs and administrators have refused to fulfill NDDC’s agreement with them. 

THE INK gathered that rather than forge ways to iron out issues with the contractors, subsequent leaderships of NDDC have operated a system of selective payment that only favour Bayelsa, Rivers and Delta.


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