Niger Govt, CBN, To PartnerTatsuniyya Cartoon Series For Cultural Investment

The Niger State Government, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and other stakeholders have have expressed readiness to partner with Tatsuniyya Cartoon series for the promotion of investment in the culture sector in Nigeria’s quest for economic diversification.

They made the pledge at a Business Dinner with the theme: “Audacious -the African Project” which featured the unveiling of the Tatsuniyya, a cartoon series about the African culture in Abuja.

Niger State Governor, Abubakar Bello  said with the rising uncertainties in the oil sector, culture was another viable sector that the country can tap into for alternative source of revenue.

Bello who was represented at the event by the Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Muhammad Idris assured the visioner of Tatsuniyya, Khadija Abdullahi-Iya of the support and partnership of the State Government to realize her vision for the promotion of indigenous culture and economy.

In his remarks, a Deputy Governor in CBN, Edward Adamu said the project was a viable one which would not only preserve the Nigerian cultural values but add economic value to the country and pledeged the support of the apex Bank to the initiative and called on others to do same.

“This occasion is a time for transformation not only in the lives of our children our society, our community our country, but I believe indeed the African continent and the world and so I feel delighted to be here and to be part of this process.

“We have been on this for a while with my sister. She’s been providing me information right from the beginning and she sent me the business plan, I went through and it something caught my attention. They have a business statement being audacious in protecting the future of our children.

“I don’t have anybody else who has done what you have done around me and I commit to be with you in this project to the end by the grace of God. It’s all about culture for me. Cultures that were very alien to us have come into our communities for our children, for our families and they have virtually transformed the lives of children and that is very concerning and bothering to me as a person and what we’re seeing today is an attempt to reverse them”, he said.

On his part, Ibrahim Aliyu, Chief Financial Officer, Pirrot Company said the African Cartoon series is an investment opportunity that is very interesting and called on investors to key into the project.

“We have different kinds of investment. You might want to invest in, if you are long-term investor who wants to have a long-term investment in the company and enjoy all the returns that come from the success of this business venture. We also have an investment for people who want to just have a short term investment”, he said.

In her presentation, the initiator who is also the Publisher of Search Inwards Magazine, Khadija Abdullahi-Iya said the Tatsuniyya App has been developed in the last two years with 45 hours content targeted at two million mothers who are charged N1000 when they download it.

“I found out that before Covid-19, we have over 73 million active users of the internet, now we have over 103 million people actively on the internet and we thought that the best way to make this people stay together is to use the same agenda that white people have been using so we created an app called the Tatsuniyya.

“We have target like two million mothers because we know that mothers these days, especially our young mothers, they don’t have time for the children so what they do is they just give them their phones and tell them to be watching so that they don’t disturb them. So the first thing is to create the app and put the content in it.

“The next thing we saw was we found out that this thing can have a lot of value. You can actually create games with them, try to use those games to also configure the minds of our children so that they can do the right thing instead of always the violent type of things that we show them.

“We can also create comedy from this value to chain. All of this things we came to was that the idea kept going and it kept expanding and that is why we are here today. Everything you see today is the first attempt don’t expect to see disney here already.
” What we plan to do is to create enough content  so that order by next year the Tatsuniyya app will be out. So today I know that a tree that was not built 10 years ago the best time to do is to start today and we have started”, she stated.


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