Nigeria@58: Ekpere-Eta hails women’s contribution to national development

Mrs. Mary Ekpere-Eta

As Nigeria celebrates its 58th independence anniversary, Director-General of the National Centre for Women Development (NCWD), Mrs. Mary Ekpere-Eta, has commend women for making major contributions to the development of the country.

In a  message to commemorate the nation’s anniversary, Ekpere-Eta described  the contributions made by women to Nigeria’s progress as highly pivotal.

According to her, Nigerian women have broken through socio-cultural and socio-economic barriers to distinguish themselves in different fields.

She however said, the womenfolk still have a lot of work to do with regard to further contributing to the country’s stability and prosperity.

“Nigerian women have distinguished themselves in various field such as sports, the academia,  business, entertainment, public service and politics. Women today are competing in sectors of the economy once considered the exclusive preserve of men.

“Undoubtedly, 58 years after independence, Nigerian women have by dint of hard work and commitment, changed mindsets and perceptions with countless success stories. Many more people now agree that if given the chance women can spearhead Nigeria’s push to diversify the economy and change its designation as a third world country.

“We as women still have a lot we can do for Nigeria to lift a high percentage of its citizens, especially women out of poverty and change our long held position as a developing country”, she said.

The NCWD Director-General also used the independence anniversary to call on women to remain at the forefront of promoting democracy.

She equally urged that women continue with playing their traditional role as caregivers and the glue that holds families and communities together.

She said: “Despite the fact that millions of women now contribute to the finances of their families, they still provide the much needed emotional support in their homes. Women haven’t stopped being strong voices in their communities, they still pray for their families and leaders.

“I therefore urge that as Nigeria marks its 58th anniversary, women renew their commitment to building good homes, peaceful and prosperous communities as well as praying for the progress of the country.

“The 58th independence commemoration also presents an opportunity to call on women to fully participate the political process as the general elections draw near. I urge that women seek out and vote for candidates who display willingness to make investments that will lead to a better future for the younger generation, especially girls”.

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