NiMet: It’s Been 7 Years Since Abuja, North Central States Recorded Rainfall In November

Abuja and the North Central Nigeria have not witnessed rainfall in the middle of November in seven years, according to the Nigerian Metrological Agency (NiMET).

The agency said this while responding to recent rainfall in the nation’s capital.

Usually, the rains stop around mid-October every year in the North Central states and Abuja.

Based on the weather bulletin issued by NiMet for 11th to 13th November, 2021, the weather will be partly cloudy in Abuja, Makurdi, Benue State Jos, Plateau State,  Lafia, Nasarawa State and Lokoja with a possibility of light rains.

Explaining the phenomenon to our correspondent, the NiMet Director-General, Prof, Mansur Matazu, said though the situation isn’t new, the last time it happened was seven years ago.

“As expected the la Lina Enso phase favours enhanced rainfall and delayed cessation in some parts of the country,” he said.

He noted that “the late cessation of rainy season being experienced in Abuja and parts of the Central states is as predicted in the 2021 Seasonal Climate Prediction. Cessation expected to occur in mid to late November across the Area Councils as contained in the 2021 SCP.”

According to the NiMet DG: “In 2019 Abuja and environ recorded rainfall till 12th November. This event is not new we, had experienced similar occurrences in 2012, and 2014.”

He said “these current events in the recent past can be attributed to high variability in our rainfall pattern which is linked to climate change.”

Meanwhile, the delayed cessation of rainfall is a plus for some farmers still making yam hips for early planting next year.

Casava farmers will also be smiling as even late planters would have nothing to worry about. It is also great for dry season farmers as it will the stress of constant irrigation of their farms, especially vegetable farmers.



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