Olomi-Olojuoro Road: Oyo Rep Calls for Termination of Contract  

member representing Oluyole Federal Constituency, Oyo State, Tolulope Akande-Sadipe

The member representing Oluyole Federal Constituency, Oyo State, Tolulope Akande-Sadipe has raised an alarm over the deplorable state of the Olomi Olojuoro, Ijebu-Igbo Ita Egba-Owonowen Road.

The lawmaker during plenary, therefore urged the House to mandate the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing to ensure the termination of the contract awarded to DC Engineering Limited.

According to the Oluyole Federal Representative, the road, which serves as a crucial link between Oyo State and Ogun State, has tragically turned into a death trap, posing significant risks to the lives and safety of road users.

Rep. Akande-Sadipe brought to light the numerous petitions and complaints from constituents, recounting how the road’s deteriorating condition has led to multiple accidents and fatalities. 

“The once vital transportation route has now become virtually impassable, inflicting untold hardship on the people, hampering economic activities, and negatively impacting the local economy”, she said.

The lawmaker noted that Despite yearly budgetary allocations and the disbursement of funds to the contractor, the Olomi-Olojuoro road remains in a state of disrepair, shattering the hopes of the community for timely rehabilitation. 

According to her, the contractors have continuously failed to execute the necessary construction and rehabilitation works, leaving the people to suffer the consequences of their inaction.

“The gravity of the situation cannot be ignored. The Olomi Olojuoro, Ijebu-Igbo Ita Egba-Owonowen Road’s poor state has inflicted severe socio-economic consequences on the constituents and surrounding communities, causing transportation difficulties and impeding access to essential services. The Olomi Olojuoro Road has become a death trap, claiming lives daily, and this demands urgent intervention,” Hon. Akande-Sadipe passionately asserted.

With an urgent call to action, the lawmaker urged that the House establishes an Ad-Hoc committee to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the contractors’ consistent failure to fulfill their contractual obligations. 

The investigation will thoroughly scrutinize the construction and rehabilitation of the Olomi Olojuoro road and review the yearly budget allocations for the project.

“To ensure transparency and accountability, the Ad-Hoc committee will be mandated to provide regular updates to the House on the progress of the Olomi Olojuoro road construction project”, she said. 

Akande-Sadipe in her prayers added that the contractor’s inability to deliver on its obligations led to the road’s current dire state, and as such, a competent company should be entrusted with the rehabilitation and construction project.

Due to a meeting at the Villa with all female legislators and the First Lady, Hon. Olumide Osoba of Ogun State kindly stood in for Hon. Akande-Sadipe and read the motion on the floor of the National Assembly in accordance with the law.


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