Oniawu Seeks Proper Screening Of Candidates For PDP National Working Committee

Mr. Osaro Onaiwu

The founding Director General of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Governors Forum and a leading political consultant, Earl Osaro Onaiwu has called for a scrutiny of the report cards of the intending candidates for position in the highest decision making organ of the Party, the National Working Committee (NWC) before the party’s national convention slated for the month of October 2021. This he said is to elect only individuals whose performance starting from the ward level to local government have impacted positively to the prosperity and unity of the party instead of selected or godfather recommended candidates who have no identifiable root in the party.

According to the respected party leader, it has become necessary to put into the NWC and other offices of the party only people with track record of performance rather than bring people with no political gravity and grass-root connect which is needed to mobilize the entire party followership in order to achieve progress and consequent success in forth coming elections. He explained that, “the current disappointment and despondency among party faithful is because people little or no political orientation or influence at the ward level up to even local government, not to talk of State level suddenly found themselves in leadership positions which they are not equivocally prepared to handle as they have nothing at stake.

Continuing, he said that, at this junction of time of our Country’s development, PDP as people oriented party needs a leadership with a specific agenda to communicate with the bases all the way from the ward level to the national. Hence there is the emergent imperative to elect into the NWC of the party men and women who have a track record of their contribution to the party on the one hand and also, a basic positive engagement with party members, on the other hand, and have demonstrated a consistent promotion of the PDP principles which are vastly superior to the deal the opposition is giving Nigerians now. He said that only members who have exemplified unalloyed commitment to the party and have participated in their Ward level activities are undoubtedly the ones who have the political connect to articulate a consistent positioning message that can resonate with the people.

Earl Onaiwu further remarked that the party has suffered unbridled betrayal from people who came from political no-where and were thrust into position of authority without a corresponding commitment from them, saying enough of arm-chair politicking from people with no track record of support for the party but only a report card written with the ink of indiscipline and opportunism. It is therefore of note that, anyone who desires to contest for any position in the NWC must show proof of what he or she has done for the party in his or her ward and local government. He said, that the era where people who have never suffered for the party just get recommendation from godfathers to clinch sensitive party positions should be discouraged because history have shown that when such individuals get to the center, they start to behave abrasively like lords over the rest members of the party.

According to the founding Director General of the PDP Governors Forum, the coming convention of party in October is very crucial and an important opportunity for the party to redefine itself as it is prelude to the next presidential election. He therefore counseled that those who have added value to the party at the grassroots level should be the ones to be entrusted with responsibilities at the national level. That’s the only way the party can have value because the process of electing people into the NWC will be enriched by the reward system of value chain of contributions to the party. Continuing, he advised and emphasized that strangers to the party should not be given the leeway to party leadership henceforth without a verifiable report card of positive contributions to the party, which is the only roadmap to recovering the grassroots base and consequent victory for the party in national elections.


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