Only PDP, APC Can Win Presidential Election- Chris Okotie

Rev Chris Okotie

By Bukola Kayode

Popular pastor and one time presidential candidate under the defunct Fresh Party, Rev. Chris Okotie has said the next President of Nigeria will emerge from either the All Progressives Congress (APC) or the main opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Okotie in an interview with BBC Pidgin stressed that it is practically impossible for a small party to win the presidential election against the two bi parties who enjoy a national spread.

Okotie said the fact that only the bigger parties had ruled the country since the return to democracy in 1999 showed clearly how powerful they were.

“Only the PDP and the APC have the national spread and network required to win the Presidency. No small party has such capacity. Until the political system is restructured to shift the emphasis away from parties to the people, the dominant parties would continue to hold sway,” Okotie said.

He however said that despite the structures of parties, he has never been interested in joining them due to the politics of their members.

“If I join any of these parties, I would become part of the problem. Most of the big men go to these parties because all they want is power for personal aggrandizement”, he stated.


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