Ottah: A Man Truly Ahead Of His Time

Chairman House of Representatives Committee On Narcotics, Rep. Francis Ottah Agbo

By Andrew Agbese

The positive impact Dr. Francis Ottah Agbo has made in the almost four years he has been in the House of Representatives, stands him out as a man ahead of his time.

The Talk-Na-Do as he is fondly called, had a clear vision of what he wanted to achieve as the people’s representative and carefully worked out a road map towards achieving them.

He came to the House fully prepared and equipped for the task.

Little wonder he can beat his chest to tell his constituents that he has achieved virtually all he had set out to achieve in the first four years and that his projection to return to the House a second time, would have been to quadruple his first tenure record and bring more advance development to his constituency.

Even though he has been denied a return ticket to the House by the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, Dr.Ottah Agbo has not lost focus but has maintained a calm composure in the face of the conspiracy.

The Honourable Member popularly known as the Ozigizaga and Moving Train of Enone has not allowed the gang up from the pit of hell and conspiracy by a self conceited and parasitic few affect his vision and has gone ahead to work continuously for his people.

Many were astonished that even after the elections, the Ozigizaga has gone ahead to commission and is still commissioning legacy projects.

To the surprise of many, he has also remained in the PDP against all odds and resisted the pressure to decamp to the Labour Party after the PDP primary last year in which hand-picked delegates were instructed to work against him.

The determination of the Lawmaker to succeed resulted in his being the first Rep member from Benue State to be Chairman of a standing Committee (Narcotic Drugs) as well as Spokesman of the Minority Caucus.

Some of his rare feats include facilitating the employment of over 287 youths of BENUE extraction into the Fed Govt agencies, parastatals and extra ministerial departments.

His commitment to serve restrained him from collecting or receiving salary in line with a campaign promise he made as he ceded it to orphans, widows and the vulnerable in Enone.

He has attracted the only Agro- Processing Zone in North Central Nigeria to Ulayi in Ado LGA and sponsored the establishment of NDLEA Zonal/ Area Command in Igumale, Ado LGA.

The Lawmaker who has earned the traditional title of the Ubagidi of Enone also initiated and commissioned the Okpoga- Ichama Rural Electricity in December, 2022, giving Ichama District, which has never seen public power supply since time immemorial begin to sing a new song.

Similarly, parts of Royongo Ward, like Ijokoro, Ojenyo etc, the largest indigenous ward in Ado that have never enjoyed electricity now have electricity due to his efforts while electrification work is ongoing in Ekile, Odumoke etc.

The construction of a legacy bridge which now connects Ogege Ward with Ekile Ward was an out pocket work!

He has also built several ultra-modern blocks of classrooms across the Federal Constituency.

His tentacles spread to all the districts in his constituency who have felt his touch in one way or the other.

For those in Ogbadibo LGA, it was the reticulation, rehabilitation and provision of drinking water in Orokam as well as the ongoing electrification of Owukpa and the restoration of electricity to both old and new Otukpa Branch.

The people of Ado cannot forget the Lawmaker for constructing the 20-kilometre Igumale- Ulayi- Ijigban Road and the ongoing construction Okpokwu bridge to link Ojaba, Ezza, Ekile and Ijigban.

Until he became the Reps Member, The Izzi people never never had hospital, electricity and telephony.

But today, a hospital has been built for them in Nsura, while in Onuebor, the people now use electricity and a solar mast has been mounted in Nwedoga by the Honourable Member in these communities inhabited by the Izzis.

The Talk-Na+Do and Give-Back Parliamentarian has converted the Ijigban Primary Health Care Centre into a modern General Hospital and is now ready for commissioning!

That all these could be achieved in four years by a Lawmaker who does not receive federal allocation goes to show that the Ozigizaga is clearly, a man ahead of his time.

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