PDP Calls Out Buhari Presidency Over Missing $1bn Arms Fund…Says Nigeria Has been Swindled

President Muhammadu Buhari delivering Independence Day speech, October 1st, 2020

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) calls out the Buhari Presidency
following repeated assertion by the National Security Adviser (NSA),
Gen. Babagana Monguno, that the $1bn drawn from the national treasury by
the Buhari Presidency, under the claims of purchase of arms to fight
terrorism, can still not be traced.

The party says the fresh revelation by the NSA only goes to further
validate the anxieties in the public space that the money, which was in
2017 sneaked out from the national coffers without appropriation, has
since been diverted to private purses of corrupt APC leaders and the
criminal cabal in the Buhari Presidency.

The uncontradicted revelation of the NSA leaves no one in doubt that the
Buhari Presidency has become a parlor of corruption for fraudsters,
criminal cabals and treasury looters, who have been pillaging our
national coffers under executive cover.

Nigerians could see how officials of the Buhari Presidency have been
struggling to divert attention from this huge swindle by claiming that
the money was spent for the purchase of 12 Super Tucano planes, which it
also claimed would be delivered in 2020, only for the NSA to now declare
that the entire fund cannot be traced.

Four years down the line, nobody has seen the Super Tucano planes and no
explanation has been given by the Buhari Presidency over the whereabouts
of the money.

Our party recalls how, instead of offering explanations when the issue
was first raised in July 2019, the Buhari Presidency resorted to hauling
insults on the PDP and other patriotic citizens, while making hollow,
disjointed and uncoordinated claims, which the NSA’s assertion has now
exposed to be lies and fabrications.

It is indeed shameful that President Muhammadu Buhari is presiding over
a security architecture where funds provided by his Presidency for
purchase of arms has vanished into thin air while our citizens and
gallant troop in the front are left at the mercies of terrorists and

While it is common knowledge that this administration is into treasury
looting, our party asserts that stealing money meant for purchase of
arms to protect the people is an unpardonable sacrilege.

Perhaps this could be part of the reason the Buhari administration and
the APC leadership of the Senate hurriedly conferred diplomatic immunity
to the erstwhile service chiefs, under whose command the humongous sum
grew wings.

Our party insists that President Buhari, as the commander-in-chief, must
take the full responsibility of explaining the whereabouts of the money
as the buck stops only on his table.

Furthermore, the PDP urges the NSA to commence a system wide
investigation as well as place certain APC leaders and their cronies in
the Presidency under watch to ensure that none of them escapes from the
country to evade justice.

Moreover, beyond the on-going investigation in the House of
Representatives, our party calls for a joint public hearing of the
National Assembly to investigate the whereabouts of the $1bn as well as
other monies meant for security purposes under President Buhari’s watch.


Kola  Ologbondiyan
National Publicity Secretary


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