Playing In World Cup A Dream Come True-Super Falcons’ Michelle Alozie

….Celebrates Appearance In Nature Magazine

Super Falcons player Michelle Alozie has celebrated her appearance in Nature. First published in 1869, Nature is the world’s leading multidisciplinary science journal.

Alozie who has severally been celebrated by fans for admirably combining a solid football career with work as a cancer research technician at Texas Children’s Hospital, Huston, took to Twitter to share her joy on a feature in the science journal.

Tweeting via her @alozieee handle, the player said, “Dreamt of being published in Nature since I was kid. Didn’t think it would happen like this”.

In the interview she described playing at World Cup as a dream come true. She further described her representing Nigeria at the tournament as beautiful.

“It was amazing, definitely a dream come true. I think I’m still trying to deal with it. I don’t think it has truly hit me that I played in a World Cup, something that I’ve watched my whole life. I’m just super grateful and thankful for the opportunity, even though it didn’t necessarily pan out the way we wanted it to.

“As for playing in the Nigerian team, it definitely fills a part of my heart that I didn’t know needed to be filled. I love just being able to play with people who look like me, who grew up similarly to me and have a similar story to me. I think that’s very beautiful”, she told the magazine.

In the article titled, “From the lab to the World Cup: meet footballer–scientist Michelle Alozie”, the player whose picture of her stumping by English winger, Lauren James became a viral meme also told the publication that studying science was a natural choice.

She said: “I just loved learning about science and how it’s ever-changing. It’s constantly growing. When I got to Yale, there were a few biology majors — I chose molecular biology because I really love looking at everything from a micro standpoint, and how that can really affect things on a bigger scale”.

Speaking on she has been able to combine sports and science she told Nature:

“I think I’ve been pursuing both athletics and academics throughout my entire life. Day to day, I go to training in the morning and head to the labs in the afternoon right after. They’re two really big passions of mine, and I wouldn’t want to choose between them.

“I think it’s beautiful that I’m able to live these two lives in conjunction with each other. And they really overlap a lot with the teamwork and the collaborations that are needed. Especially with soccer, it’s taught me how to be a team player and when to say that you need help. In science, it’s definitely a team over an individual, which is what I love about research. It allows for this innovation and growth that you didn’t necessarily know you’re going to have when you’re doing the research”.

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