Polygamy Does Not Appeal To Me, Kannywood Star, Ali Nuhu

Ali Nuhu

Veteran actor, Ali Nuhu, has reveled that he has only one wife as polygamy doesn’t appeal to him.

Ali during a chat with another Kannywood big name, Hadiza Aliyu Gabon on her programme Gabon’s Room stressed that despite having the right to marry more than one wife as allowed in Islam, he doesn’t find polygamy attractive.

He said, “I’ve been married for twenty years and recently celebrated our twentieth wedding anniversary with my wife. I was married in 2003 and we are now in 2023.

“Concerning adding another wife, the way I look at marriage is that as long as you and your wife have been living peacefully together, and also think that you can’t be fair if you bring another wife, or that marrying a second wife could disrupt some things, it’s better you continue to stay with only one wife.

“And that’s why I’ve been monogamously married for twenty years even though polygamy is allowed in Islam.”

Former Senate President Dr. Bukola Saraki and Kanywood star, Ali Nuhu

He also spoke on why a movie from the northern Nigerian film industry has not made it into popular video streaming service, Netflix, is due to the sub-standard equipment used in shooting movies.

“Another reason no Kannywood movie has yet been featured on Netflix is due to the sub-standard equipment we use in our cinematography that do not usually meet the required standards.

“And even if we have the required equipment, there’s also the issue of the crew. For instance, in Nollywood, I acted in movies where most of the crew were foreigners.

“But that doesn’t mean Kannywood doesn’t have the capacity to make quality movies. The difference is about the hard work and the dedication to produce movies that will reach international standards.”

Nuhu revealed that he once submitted his movie to Neflix, but it had not been featured.

“I have once submitted my movie to them and it reached over seven months before they responded, saying that they would review it, and I am still waiting for their feedback.

“But with the coming of Amazon, Netflix has been trying to consider movies from northern Nigeria, the way Amazon has been trying to do.

“So Amazon has given us the opportunity to submit our movies and could possibly be considered,” he said.

Despite achieving super stardom, Ali said he does not have any plans to quit acting, because it is what he is celebrated for.

“When I started acting in movies, I was a young man appearing as a lover, singing and dancing. Then I was transformed by age to being a father. So, gradually, I’ve been taking up different roles as conditioned by nature, allowing other people to occupy roles I previously occupied.

“But now that I usually take the role of father, I am already at the end. But I don’t have plans to stop acting,” he revealed.


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