Portable Accuses Second Wife Of Infidelity, Leaks Chat With Alleged Lover

Singer, Portable, has accused his second wife, Honey Berry, of cheating on him.

Angry with the latest situation, the singer also leaked the alleged chats between his wife and her lover, one of which was dated Friday October 7, 2022.

In the leaked chats shared via their son’s Instagram page on Thursday, Portable’s wife confirmed to her alleged lover that she was pregnant and would not be aborting it because a pastor told her not to. She also said in the chat that she had told Portable that she would not marry him.

Meanwhile, Portable has shared a post where he talked about a woman promising another man marriage while still living with another man.

He said, “Man put you for house you still dey promise another man. Wahala wahala wahala you never ready o sare lol marry… You dey double date and you still dey plan wedding. Oun pa pepe iro. I respect women. Fear who no dey fear women. A single mother cannot raise up a responsible child. Alakada fake life.” He has also been hailing his first wife, Omobewaji.

Honey Berry and Portable share a baby boy named Ifakorede Zazzu.


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