Reno Omokri To Nigerian Men: Chasing Women Is A Curse

Reno Omokri

Controversial former presidential aide, Reno Omokri, has advised Nigerian men to stop chasing after women.

Reno in a tweet that he shared on Sunday described chasing women as a curse men ought to pray to be broken in their lives.

He said rather than chasing woman, men should focus on becoming millionaires.

“As a man, deliver yourself from the curse of chasing girls. Did Adam chase Eve? Adam was working, and God brought Eve to him, and Adam made her his wife. Get a job. Get a business. Achieve success. Achieve it bigly. When you do, your Eve will come looking for you. In fact, many will come, and your only woman palaver will be who to choose from the many to make her your wife. Never believe the fallacy that women are so hot and scarce that they have to be chased. All human beings have value before God. No gender is hotter and more in demand than the other. God ensures a roughly 50-50 ratio in gender balancing. What is hotter and scarcer than success? There are at least 3.8 billion women on Earth. There are only 56 million dollar millionaires on Earth. Do the math! Which is scarcer? Be motivated to be part of the 56 million, and you won’t waste time chasing the 3.8 billion. They will chase you”, the tweet read.

His opinion has gathered responses with one Abdulkareem Murtala using the @EruditeKareem, saying, “I believe in this so much,because it is part of my experience in life”.

Meanwhile, Fanen@Fanen02, disagreed with Reno by asking in Pidgin English, “Swear say u no d chase girls. U d wine me”?

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